Saturday, September 9, 2006

Cape Cod

Cape Cod, MA, September 9th thru the 16th, 2006
What I did on my vacation:(Pay attention, there may be a quiz later)
Saturday: We arrived at Boston Logan and as usual getting out of Boston was a fricken nightmare. Three sets of directions, all different, none of them exactly right. Made our way to Cape Cod where we stayed in a very nice timeshare condo in Yarmouth (central cape). We had one of their very few loft units. Living room, kitchenette, diningroom, bathroom downstairs; bedroom and another bathroom upstairs. Nice patio off the kitchenette. We went to the Yarmouth House for dinner (steak and lobster). The lobster was good, the steak not so good.
Sunday: We ventured to the Eastham Street Fair. After exploring the entire fair (that took about 5 minutes) we went to Chatham and walked up and down the streets and in and out of little shops. We had lunch at Cooks. Paul was on a mission to find out who really had the best clam strips on the Cape since several places had “voted best” on their ads or signage. So he had clams and I had shrimp. Went back to the condo for an afternoon nap. We went to a sports bar to watch the end of the Bears/Packers game followed by the end of the Cardinals/49ers game. Had dinner at Molly’s pub. I had fish. I can't remember what kind it was but I remember we both said the food was good there.
Monday: We had breakfast at the Marshside. That’s Kristen’s Mom’s restaurant. As we parked the car (or shall I say “pahwked the cahh”) Paul said “do you think she’ll recognize you?” I said “of course she will!” And of course, we recognized each other right away. She’s so cute and so sweet. The food was great. We made plans to hook up again that evening. We headed up to Provincetown. Shopped around and took a trolley ride with the meanest trolley driver on the planet. Had lunch at Governor some-thing-or-others. Not very good. We left there and went back to the condo and took a Jacuzzi. Met Kristen and her hubby for Monday Night Football and wings. We didn’t watch much football but I’m sure you knew that would happen. The wings were very good. Her hubby is a sweetheart too. Such a cute couple.
Tuesday: Breakfast at Persky’s in Hyannis. Took a tour of the JFK Museum. Drove up to Mashpee and Falmouth. Dinner at the Black Cat. The lobster was good but the service sucked.
Wednesday: We drove to Plymouth and saw Plymouth Rock (or shall I say Plymouth Pebble). Paul went thru the museum and I waited and chatted with the gift shop lady. We took a tour of the Plymouth Plantation. It’s a reenactment and all the characters are dressed in period clothing and talk the talk and don’t know anything beyond 1620. Dinner at Paddock. Fabulous. I had stuffed salmon.
Thursday: Lunch at Marathon (the sign says “voted best clams” but Paul said they weren’t as good as Cooks). We took a drive along Route 6A and stopped in some antique stores and gift shops along the way. And Paul couldn’t pass up the opportunity to mosey thru the Natural History Museum. Dinner at Chillingsworths. Very fancy smancy, fine dining at its best. Its $70.00 per person and includes appetizer, soup, salad, sorbet, entrĂ©e, amusements and desert. Beverages and gratuity not included. I had beet/portabella/goat cheese napoleon, plum soup, the salad was field greens with a vinaigrette of some sort followed by sage sorbet to cleanse your pallet. My entree was poached lobster severed with spinach and sea beans. The “amusements” was a plate of mini cookies and a truffle. I had the fresh fruit tart for dessert with a cappuccino. Fantastic!
Friday: Back to the Marshside for lunch where they actually do have the best clam stips (voted by Paul) and the best crab cakes (voted by me). We took a scenic drive in the rain. Not to bad, just a heavy drizzle. It stopped just in time for our dinner train ride across the canal. I had the seafood plate which was salmon and swordfish.
Saturday: Packed and headed back to the airport. Lunch in Quincy and nightmare of finding our way back to the airport.
Bottom line, we had a great time. The weather was perfect. The food was great. I think the national vegetable is French fries though. Everything comes with fries. I had more fries last week than I’ve had in the last year. The problem with me and fries is that it doesn’t matter how many are on the plate, I will eat them all. With the exception of ½ of my steak the first night and bacon with breakfast twice, I didn’t eat meat all week which is really weird for me. The seafood was so good that meat just didn’t trip my trigger. I mean seriously, why choose a pork chop when you can have lobster! The lobster there is so much better than the pacific lobster we get here. Paul wants to buy a summer home there but he’ll have to wait until he retires. I wonder if Kristen’s Mom would give me a job since I’d go crazy staying home all day with nothing to do.