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The Road to Budapest ~ It all started right here:


This entry is a little different from my typical TravelBlog entries since I haven't gone on the trip yet.  People were asking me why Budapest or why a River Cruise or why Viking.
This is a little bit of how the trip came about in the first place followed by some travel info on places to go, things to see and what foods should be on the "must try" list.  
Once the trip starts I'll have a separate entry for our travels including the Viking experience as well as what the Danube had to offer. History, shopping, food, people.  Details, details...
Picture found on Pinterest
So here's how it all started:
From my "regular" Blog Entry 12-31-15 (My regular daily ramblings blog vs this Travel Blog)
I took a little quiz that was titled "where should you go on vacation next year".  Good question.  Where SHOULD I GO?  Result:
Budapest, Hungary.
Really? Why? I’ve never even thought about going to Hungary. 
Hungary / hungry. Maybe that was the connection! 

My friend Connie commented that she'd always though it would be super-cool to do a Danube River Trip with stops in Budapest, Vienna, etc.  She said it is on her bucket-list and I should totally do it.  I consulted my good friend Mr. Google and it looked pretty amazing.  

From my (regular) Blog Entry 2-12-16 talking about vacations:
I'm thinking river cruise. Ever since I took that silly quiz “where should I go on vacation” and it said Budapest Hungary, which BTW was never on my radar, I’ve been thinking about it.  I’ve checked out the Viking River Cruises... At first it looked too pricy but then remembering they include pretty much everything like cruises often do, the price was more in line. Meals, port fees, entertainment and tours.When we went on the cruise to Alaska it didn’t include any of the tours. We had to pay separate for “excursions”. Viking also includes beer or wine with lunch and dinner. And who could resist this: find out how Austrians make their apple strudel
I don’t know. We’ll see. I still need to find someone to go with me. I 'could' go by myself but I probably wouldn't. 
Here are two blog links. Just scrolling through and looking at the pictures makes me want to be there.

After I made that blog entry Connie left a comment: "I'll go. When are we going?
I asked her if she was serious because I think it would be so much fun to go with her. We messaged back and forth. She was serious! Yeah! 

From my "regular" Blog Entry 2-16-16  (Budapest on my mind...ya think?)
I had such a fun dream I didn’t want to wake up from it.
I was at some very busy and colorful street fair. The energy was high. The vendors were super friendly, all trying to lure you to their wares, none of them wanting you to pass them by because their offerings were the*best. Festive music was in the background and aromas of different foods and baked goods filled the air. I was busy buying every type of paprika they had and they had quite a variety. 
I choose to believe I was in one of the ports we docked at during the River Cruise!
Hungarian Paprika!
Did you ever have a dream so real you could smell the food being prepared?
Hopefully this dream will be a reality next year. 

Turns out it will be THIS year, not next.

We were thinking 2017.  Connie goes to Alaska for the summer so she said she could go the end of April or the beginning of October. After reading the Christmas blog linked above, Christmas time looked really inviting. All the holiday markets and decorations would just add another element of festivities.

Viking has two trips on the Danube:
Viking Romantic includes Budapest (2 days), Vienna then Krems Austria, then Passau then Regensburg then Nuremberg. Nuremberg is two days.
Viking Waltz includes Budapest (2 days), Slovakia, Vienna then Melk then Linz Austria, then Passau for two days.
We decided on the Waltz but the opposite passage, starting in Passau and ending in Budapest. 
Map from Viking's website
We also decided on the “post-trip extension” for two more nights in Budapest.  We tossed around the idea of doing it on our own rather than through Viking but ultimately decided to book it through Viking after weighing the pros and cons.

I called Viking and spoke with a travel consultant, Tony, who was very nice and amazingly patient. He gave me prices for April and October 2017 as well as December 2016. They were having a two for one special; however I think that's always the special. Plus if you book airfare through them it’s “practically free”. Another special they were having if you booked a 2016 cruise prior to a deadline date was "risk free travel". That means if you have to cancel you get a full refund. If we book a 2017 cruise, we'd have to buy trip insurance if we want cancellation coverage and then they only give you a travel voucher not a refund. Anyhow, the only other additional charges were for “air plus” and “trip insurance” if you want it. He said the advantage to air plus is that instead of them just sending your flight info randomly you can make special requests which is good for Connie and me because she lives in Denver and I live in Phoenix.  We want to fly together, at least from the first stop before heading across the pond.  If not we discussed me going to Denver or her coming to Phoenix and flying together.
Fast forward to Connie contacting Viking’s travel department.  The representative couldn’t figure out how to fly me from Phoenix and Connie from Denver to our first stop.  Ultimately I’ll fly to Denver (separate from our Viking flight plan) (see update 3-17) and then we will fly together connecting through Boston on the way to Munich.  On the return, Budapest to Frankfort to Denver. Once we get to Denver, I’ll hop home to Phoenix. 
/end fast forward – backing back up…
We ruled out October because the price of the trip was higher and so was the airfare.  The weather would be about the same as April, in the mid-60’s. Plus it would be a year and a half before we go.
We almost had to flip a coin between December 2016 and April 2017. 
Best time (of our travel date choices) for river water levels would be in the spring due to water runoff.
Not typical, but the possibility of low water issues in December.
Weather in April averages mid 60’s. 
Weather in December averages mid-30’s.
Although another traveler said they went in April and “it snowed at the beginning of the trip and was t-shirt weather hot at the end”.  
Nobody can predict the weather.
Decisions/decisions.  We were both okay with either date and we were both leaning ever-so-slightly towards Christmas.  CHRISTMAS on the Danube!  
Picture found on Pinterest
Well, actually I should say Christmas Festivities on the Danube.  We're going the beginning of December; we'll be back home in time for Christmas.  
April would have been a little less money because they had Standard Staterooms available.  The Standards were all sold out for December so we are booked into to a Veranda Room.  The room is a little larger and has a balcony so that’s a plus.  Although I’m not sure how much we’ll use the balcony in the cold but it will be nice to step out and take photos as we cruise down the river if we aren't on deck. 

Another thing Tony said was the ships are all white glove treatment even though they are informal. He said the difference between an ocean cruise and a river cruise:
Ocean cruise accommodates over 2,000 guests; it’s like a floating city.
River cruise accommodates a maximum of 190 guests; it’s like a floating five star hotel. 

Connie and I have read a lot of reviews, both in blogs and on TripAdvisor.  Most of the reviews about Viking are good; Overall on TA 5 stars.  One of the complaints I read was they only serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It’s not like an ocean cruise where there is a buffet on the Lido Deck all the time. That being said it sounds like we’ll be out exploring ports all day so the main meals will be adequate. One of the blogs I read had a tip that said *Stash Cookies for Later*.  “The self-serve coffee bar is open 24/7, but the cookies are only available for a few hours in the afternoon... grab a stash when they are available so you can enjoy them later on.”  Being a cooking monster, I gotta love a “Cookie Tip”!  I’ve also read that when they have evening entertainment on the ship, they often include champagne or Glühwein (hot mulled wine) and sometimes hors-d'oeuvres.  I think we’ll be fine with the food! 

Speaking of food, I found another blog about Budapest.  This one was not a river cruise.  She did a separate blog about the food and another one about their travels.  Her pictures are amazing.  Warning, major food porn here:
Take me to your Kürtőskalács!
Kürtőskalács are a popular Hungarian pastry found at festivals and outdoor markets.”
Picture from Kürtőskalács Coffee Shop :drool:
My sister wants me to bring one back for her.  I told her I'd have to remember to take a plastic container with lid so it doesn't get squished traveling.  She said she doesn't care if it's just crumbs by the time I get it home! ;~}
I’ve mostly done research of Budapest because we’ll be there the longest.  I still need to do some research of Passau, the three ports in Austria and then Slovakia (beyond what I’ve read in blogs and on Viking's website)

My only complaint is that we don’t know the approximate times we’ll be in each port and the timeframe of the tours that are included in each port.  That would be helpful planning “extras”.  For example, the few blogs I’ve read sound like they had plenty of time on their own in each port.  I would like to maybe see if there is a cooking class somewhere, even if its demonstration and not hands on, but I can’t plan one in advance since I don’t know what time of day is free time.  I really enjoyed the cooking class I took in Rome.  I also took a cooking class in Santa Fe NM a few years ago that was very enjoyable. Connie mentioned a concert, possibly the Vienna Boys Choir, which I agree would be fantastic to see a Christmas concert.  There must be a way to find out tour time vs free time.
I was on Viking’s website the other day and survey box popped up.  So I took the survey and mentioned that it would be helpful to know the approximate arrive and departure times in each port and the timeframe of the tours that are included.  Hopefully they will respond. 

Viszontlátásra = goodbye in Hungarian
I doubt I’ll remember that one!


Hello in Hungarian is Helló
Seriously.  What a dramatic difference!  
Foreign language sadly is not my thing. 

I talked to Tony at Viking yesterday.  He said they don’t distribute the actual schedule with timeframes until two weeks prior to departure.  They do that because sometimes things change and they don’t want passengers to be disappointed that something isn’t available that they thought would be on schedule.  He *DID* share with me some of the regular schedule. 
Day 1 they don’t do breakfast or lunch.  Instead they do an Embarkation Buffet from 11-3.  That’s because passengers will be arriving at different times. Our flight arrives around 9:30 7:40 a.m. so by the time we make our way through immigration, baggage claim, customs and hook up with the tour guide to board the transportation to the ship, I’m going to guess we won’t arrive in Passau until at least noon will arrive before noon. They offer a shuttle to town from 2 to 6 p.m. so you go exploring on your own after you settle into your stateroom. Looks like we'll have time for the on-board lunch buffet prior to the shuttle to town. In the evening they have music, cocktail time, welcome reception, dinner, than a lesson in German language. 
Breakfast every morning is 7:00 til 9:30 a.m.
Most of the included tours after breakfast from 8:30-10 or 9 til 12 (somewhere in those timeframes).  They are mostly walking tours of the City.
Optionals are mostly in the afternoons.  They have some listed on their website and Tony told me about some others that aren’t listed.  Of course in-port events are subject to change so don’t get too excited.
Every evening they have cocktail time before dinner and some sort of musical entertainment after dinner.  They also have a Chef’s Briefing where he talks about the local foods.  One night they have a Quiz Game Show which I’ve read is hilarious. 
Late afternoon in Vienna they have a Farmer’s Market Visit with the Chef which Tony said his customers have raved about.  That would be fun but I think the time might conflict with the Vienna Boys Choir thing Connie and I really want to do.  Actually I think right now it might be the only thing on our MUST DO list, not that we’ve made one!  That being said I have no idea what time the VBC gig is so maybe there would be time to do both.  TBD.  
ETA: VBC not happening, keep reading...


3-9-16 Looking forward to the local cuisine.  
A quote from GypsyNester (link above to blog):
"We must say, these Vienna sausages are much better than their namesake in the United States that come in a can!"
Picture from Pinterest ~ Yes Please ~
Picture from Google stock ~ Sorry Libby, no comparison

BTW, I don't typically use photos in my blog that I haven't taken myself.  When I do, I will let you know where I snatched them from on the web.  Unless they are obvious like cartoons or  memes.  
I realized the other day that I've never been away from home for so many days.  The cruise is eight days and the post extension is three.  The husband is a tiny bit freaked out about me being gone for an 11 day stretch.  I think because he will be 100% responsible for the dogs!  J/K. He will miss me and he will worry about me being so far away from home. I'm a tiny bit freaked out about packing for an 11 day trip in cold weather which equates to "fluffy" clothes. Connie reminded me they offer laundry service on the ship (for a fee of course). I'm sure I'll figure it out, just like this lady did... 
Picture found on Pinterest

I made my "first trip purchase" last weekend.  Fingertip-less gloves with a mitten attachment.  That way I can keep my hands warm but expose my fingers to eat a pretzel on the streets of Germany or one of those fabulous looking Hungarian pastries on the streets of Budapest.  End of season sale, bargain of the week ~ $2.00.  This was the last pair, so red it is.    
Not to worry fashionistas, my nails will be Christmas Red when I wear them!
This desert dweller doesn't have much in the way of winter wear.  


One quick little tidbit about travel.  All shops are closed on Sundays. We will be in Linz Austria on a Sunday.  Restaurants, Coffee Houses and [two] Bakeries are open.  There are two walking tours included in Linz.  I wonder if the Christmas Markets will also be closed.  Is it a “no merchandise sales” thing on Sundays or is a “day of rest” thing on Sundays?  I guess we’ll find out in about 266 days. 

Maybe I should add a countdown widget.  Nah….


Update on the air travel. 
I was chatting with someone who has taken a Viking River Cruise. She went with a friend on the Tulips and Windmills (Holland/Belgium).  She said Viking was amazing and they had no complaints.  Good to hear.  I told her about our flight situation (not being able to coordinate from different starting points and the seat assignments only on part of the trip).  She said that she flew from Arizona and her friend from California and Viking was able to coordinate their travel from different states to their first stopping point before the connecting flight overseas.  She asked if I paid the extra $50 for their air travel service.  Yes.  She said “you paid extra for personalized service, call them back right now and see what they can do”.  Okey dokey then. 
Before I called I checked the airline’s website to see if there was a flight from Phoenix to Boston that would arrive around the same time as Connie’s.  Low and behold, the flight from Phoenix to Boston connects through Denver!  I called Viking Air Department and spoke with Flora.  She was super helpful.  She booked me on a flight from Phoenix to Denver which arrives barely an hour (squeaky close) before the flight to Boston.  Then she booked a flight on the return end from Denver to Phoenix.  That one has a 3.5 hour layover but I’m fine with that.  I probably couldn’t have done better on my own and now I don’t have to deal with the luggage situation if I switched airlines.  Plus now, no extra charge for the flights in and out of Denver.  Kudos to Flora for going the extra mile (no pun intended!). 

In other news: The only other thing I have to report about the trip at this point is my cute jacket.  A friend ordered an Ultra Light Down Jacket for me.  It even came with a little pouch so I can roll it up and put it in my bag!  Isn't it adorable?  I wish all my travel clothing could become so compact!   

8 months from today but who's counting?
Picture found on Pinterest
So one of my favorite pastimes these days, especially when I only have a short amount of time to spare, is to search out River Cruise Blogs and if they are Viking that’s a plus.  Yesterday I found one that was a story in Huffington Post “Don’t Throw Momma From the Boat: How I survived a Danube River Cruise”. 
Two things I found funny in the story:
1. While unpacking Mom calls, “Dibs on the bed by the window!” It’s hard to counter that. “Dibs” is the game you don’t realize you’re playing until you’ve already lost
LOL Isn’t THAT the truth.  So I sent Connie the link because the story was amusing and the writer had pointed out some of the touristy things they enjoyed.  I told her she could call dibs on whichever bed she wants.  Close to the window or close to the bathroom are 50/50 to me so it doesn’t matter.  Not to worry, we won’t be arguing over who gets which bed! 
2. …the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies suddenly fills the room. I realize Mom is nibbling on chocolate chip cookies from the welcome desk. “Mom!” I exclaim, “Cookies before dinner?” She retorts, “Well, you had wine before lunch.” Tomorrow I foresee wine before breakfast.  
What great memories she will always have of traveling with her Mom. 

I also saw another thing of interest in a different blog (it was more of a quick overview and wasn’t all that interesting or detailed so I didn’t save the link).  BUT – item of interest: they toured the Wachau Valley on rented ELECTRIC BIKES!  I hadn’t seen that on the optional tours on Viking’s site, however there were optionals that Tony told me about that aren’t published on their site so who knows.  If not, that is something we could do on our own if it trips our trigger at the time.  My good friend Mr. Google says you can rent them by the hour or by the day and the rentals are pretty reasonably priced.  I imagine you just tootle off on your own but I wonder if there may also be a guided tour. You know, just so you don't miss anything important and you don't get lost!  TBD.  

BTW, it will probably be too cold to do the electric bikes.  Connie mentioned the headwind created when riding which I hadn't even thought about.  With average temps expected to be in the 30's that's probably not going to be an option.  We shall see.  Who knows, there might be an unexpected warm and sunny day! 

I was looking at pictures on Pinterest of the Great Market Hall in Budapest.  It looks so amazing.  
I came across this link for Traditional Hungarian Souvenirs:
I love the beautiful lace.  I will most definitely be checking that out. 
I will not be buying a Rubik’s Cube! Just sayin'...
There was a separate link dedicated to Paprika:
How cute are these:
^It took me a minute to figure out those pretty handles are attached to wooden spoons!  
On Good Eats recently, Alton Brown was discussing Paprika.  He said "hot" paprika is not spicy hot, it's just more pungent.  "Sweet" paprika is not sweet, it's just less pungent.  "Smoked" paprika actually has a smoky tone.  So now we know.

We’ve scheduled a cooking class in Budapest. 
We compared the one offered by Viking which is a Grand Market Tour followed by a lesson at the Pancake Kitchen on how to make palacsinta (crepe-like pancakes with filling).  It sounded like it was more of a demonstration class with a little hands on. 
We decided not to do that and signed up with Culinary Hungary Home Cooking Class.  They are private classes for 2-8 people.  They will not schedule others with us. The cool thing about that is we got to choose our menu!  The class includes Soup, Entrée, and Dessert.  They have several options in each category, most of them sound completely delicious.  Here's what we picked.  Don’t they look amazing?
Pictures from Culinary Hungary Home Cooking Class
Goulash Soup
Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
Poppy Seed Bread Pudding
In addition to the lunch we prepare, the class also includes a welcome snack, wine and palinka (Hungarian fruit brandy) as well as coffee/tea. 
I’ve communicated with the people there and it's only about 2-2.5 miles from our hotel.  Connie discovered they have a bus line close to the hotel and close to their home, plus there is always taxi service AND they have Uber in Budapest!   We might transport there and walk back.  We are going to do this the last full day in Budapest. 

Next adventure – Connie has researched Opera in Budapest so we’re trying to pick one of three.  Stay tuned…

As mentioned in my last update, Connie searched out our options for opera/theatre and came up with three fantastic choices.  
We decided on La Bohème  (Pronounced: la bo ‘em).
It's at the Hungarian State Opera House which looks amazing. It opened in 1884 and is the largest opera house in Hungary.  
La Bohème is a love story about young Bohemians living in the Latin Quarter of Paris in the 1840’s. 
I found this on the opera blog cheat sheet and thought the first part of the first sentence was pretty funny:
A poet, a painter, a musician and a philosopher walk into a bar (no really!) to celebrate a sudden windfall in a lean winter. It’s Christmas Eve and the poet has just felt the first pangs of great love. When a seamstress knocks on his door searching for candlelight, the pair fall in love faster than she can sing “Yes, they call me Mimì…”
I’ve never seen it but Connie saw it once and loved it.  “Gorgeous music and fun costumes.”
Pictures from Google Search Images and I must agree, the costumes look quite whimsical.

Picture from Google Stock 


I’m so excited about this trip and now that we've schedule the cooking class and picked the opera I'm super extra excited about our extension in Budapest!

Viking account, "balance due: $0.00".  Ya Baby!   


Two things to update. Both ended up with positive experiences with Viking staff.

Air Travel. A few weeks ago I called for early ticketing so we could get seat assignments on the flights they couldn’t assign seats for when the original air travel was arranged. 
Riley at Viking: “Oh, you are on our call list, we have to reroute your air travel.”
Say what?!?
So… on the outbound trip my flight to Denver had been cancelled.  Our flight from Denver to Boston had been cancelled.  On the homebound trip our flight from Budapest was still on schedule however our connecting flight from Frankfort to Denver moved up in time so there won’t be enough time to make the connection. Oy!  Coordinating our flights since we are departing from different states poses a smidgeon of a challenge so I was on the phone for almost an hour but Riley was able to finagle the whole thing.  Now instead of me flying to Denver, we meet at Dulles and fly into Munich together.  Coming home we leave Budapest in the wee hours of the morning and go through Munich to Denver. Then I fly to Phoenix.
Riley was super patient and helpful.  I sent Viking a message complimenting her efforts.

Trip Packet: I received an email “We are pleased to let you know that the documents for your upcoming journey have been shipped”.  Yippeee!  A few days later two packages arrived.  Mine and Connie’s.  Hmmmm.  I called Viking and told them they sent both packets to me.  It’s pretty clear we live in different states.  We filled out separate passenger information forms.  Our air travel starts from different states.  Our Viking Luggage ID Tags are in the packet and by the time we hook up in Dulles her luggage will already be in route. They mailed her packet to me (in separate packages), am I now supposed to mail her packet to her?  (Of course I would, it just seems weird that they sent it to me especially since they weren't in the same envelope.)  The rep looked up our account and said she would have them resend Connie’s documents to Colorado.  Thank you very much! BTW, I mailed Connie the luggage tags.  The red leather one is really nice.
So, as the saying goes – shit is about to get real:

Connie and I spent some time going over all the included options and the add on optionals (for a fee) and signing up for a few things.  I hadn’t realized that you should schedule the tours that are included.  I thought you just show up and whoever is in the group just goes with the guide.  Not the case.  Most of them you just pick between the morning tour or the afternoon tour (we picked a.m.).  Two ports had two different tours to choose from.  They both sounded good to me so if they both sound good to Connie we will have to flip the ole coin.  Here’s a mini recap day-by-day.  Details of the trips will be in the TravelBlog I start when we are actually *ON* this trip!

Travel Day. Leave the USA one morning, arrive in Germany the next morning.

Day 1: Transport from Munich to Passau.
Embarkation Day – nothing planned but upon arrival we can hit up the lunch buffet and catch the shuttle to Passau to hit our first Christmas Market before returning to the ship for the welcome reception, dinner, etc. ;~}

Day 2: Passau, Germany.
Passau Walking Tour and Organ Concert – 2 hours.

Day 3: Linz, Austria
We had a choice between a 2 hour Linz Walking Tour or the Český Krumlov Walking Tour 8.5 Hours.  I left it up to Connie.  We are going to do the full day trip. Good choice!  

Day 4: Melk, Austria
Melk Abbey Visit – 3 hours.
There was an option that we thought about doing "Wachau Valley Winery Tour and Tasting" but it’s sold out.  I told Connie we can check when get there to see if A) there are any cancellations or B) if they hold out a few for people who dilly dallied in making reservations.  
ETA: Now where it says sold out it says “check back as more space may become available”.  Hmmmm.  Either way is fine with me.  I'm good to go but I won't be disappointed if we don't.  
I re-read the info and it sounds like a nice tour so I'll be checking daily to see if they add space. ;) 

ETA: Scenic Cruising: Wachau Valley, 18 miles to Durstein, Austrial
That's were the optional Winery Tour is so I imagine we cruise early afternoon, maybe during lunchtime?

Day 5: Vienna, Austria
Vienna City Tour 3.5 hours
We also picked one of the optional excursions:
Mozart & Strauss Concert – 3 hours.
This was that day we were waiting to see if the Vienna Boy's Choir would be in town but it looks like they won't so we booked M&S, which has received great reviews.  

Day 6: Bratislava, Slovakia
We had a choice between a 2 hour Bratislava City Tour or a 2 hour Bratislava Walking Tour.  Both sounded good so I left that one up to Connie too.  City Tour it is.  I was thinking since the City Tour is in the morning and only two hours, maybe we could also do the Walking Tour in the afternoon.  When I click on the Walking Tour it says “calendar conflict”.  I don’t know if that’s because they overlap in time or because they only include one tour per day.  That’s okay, we’ll have plenty of time to see what else there is to see in Bratislava! 

ETA: Scenic Cruising: Danube Bend, 40 miles of what is said to be one of the most beautiful sections of the river.  

Day 7: Budapest, Hungary
Budapest City Tour – 4 hours
We also booked the optional 
Grand Market: Taste of Hungary – 3 hours. Food AND Shopping, sign me up! 

Day 8: Budapest, Hungary
Disembarkation Day.  Leave ship, check into hotel for post extension (two extra nights).
Free time to explore prior to going to the OPERA! 
LaBoheme at the Hungarian State Opera House.  When in Rome…

Day 9: Budapest, Hungary
Cooking Class in the morning. 
Afternoon and evening open to explore, have dinner, pack and take a quick nap before leaving on Day 10 super early in the morning for the journey back home. 

This recap does not include other things that are offered on the ship like Apple Strudel Making and nightly entertainment.  I also read in our travel booklet that there are two Scenic River Cruises. I’ll have to double check and see what days those are on. (Edited above on Day 4 and Day 6).   They do not indicate time of day which is my only complaint about Viking.  They list how many hours something takes but they don't indicate the actual time. It must be on a need-to-know basis and right now we don't need to know.  I'm sure they will let us know on board. Maybe an Agenda DeJour is slipped under our door in the middle of the night by gremlins (or an Elf since,  you know, Christmas).

The trip is now over and full details are here:
Danube River Cruise December 2016


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I thoroughly enjoyed this blog and you haven't traveled there yet!
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You should write for a travel publication.

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