Friday, May 13, 2016

Hilton Head, South Carolina May 2016

Soon I'll be posting my own photos of the beautiful scenery in Hilton Head.  In the meantime I found these beauties when looking for "Things to Do".  
Snatched from Pinterest
Another from Pinterest

Saturday 5-14-16

Saturday was travel day.  We flew from Phoenix to Dallas. It was not a comfortable flight.  The man next to me thought he should be sharing my seat.  We had about an hour and a half layover which was just the right about of time.  The connecting flight departed from the opposite side of the airport.  They have an airbus to zoom you around but it was about six stops from the gate where we landed.  By the time we got to our gate Paul had time for a quick beer before they started boarding.  We arrived in Savanna about 20 minutes early. Got the rental car and off we went.  The journey from the airport to the resort is always stressful to me.  It’s our first opportunity to get lost in unfamiliar territory, which we often do!   The directions were good thanks to my sister because when I checked the confirmation for the 100th time, I noticed for the first time that the directions hadn’t printed out.  She got the directions from their website and emailed them to me.  Thank you very much.  Once we crossed the bridge onto the Island I had Glenda take over (my GPS aka Get Patti Somewhere).  Easy schmeasy drive this time.  It took about an hour.  We checked in and found our way to the condo.  It’s very small but its nice and its clean and the patio and view are perfect.
Then we headed to the grocery store for essentials: Beer, Water, Coffee, Bananas, Snacks.  We scoped out some restaurants and ended up at Marley’s Island Grill.  It was kind of crowded and no patio seating available but we had a nice table indoors.  The food and service were both good.  We split a House Salad and Paul ordered a cup of She-Crab Soup.  It was really good. Almost like a Lobster Bisque.  I ordered Salmon and he ordered Stuffed Chicken.  
Stuffed Chicken
The Salmon is under there somewhere!
Both were delicious.  We skipped dessert and headed back to the condo.  Paul had some ice cream and then he went back out to the patio. I went to bed. 

Sunday 5-15-16
Good morning from my beautiful patio at the resort on Hilton Head Island.
View from the Patio
Complete with Warning Sign!
The coffee is hot and the air is cool. It says 66* but there is a slight breeze so it feels cooler.
It is very peaceful with only the sounds of the fountain splashing.  No birds chirping.  That’s weird!  There is a little squirrel hopping around exploring.

We haven’t decided what to do today.  We have dinner reservations though!  We had decided on a restaurant last night and they were booked so we made a reservation for tonight at CQ’s.  Options for today are the Coastal Discovery Museum for their Civil War Exhibit.  There is a Taco Fest somewhere.  I haven’t ventured to the beach yet. The check in lady said it’s an 8 minute walk to the end of the road.  Paul forgot to bring swim trucks so we need to shop somewhere before we hang out at the pool/jacuzzi.  We don’t have any concrete plans this week except going to Savanna to pick up my sister on Tuesday.  We’ll have a late breakfast/early lunch and then knock around Savanna for a while before heading back. 

Off to Shower, Fluff and Puff and see where this day takes us. 

Monday 5-16-16

Another beautiful  morning on my patio. It is 59*, expecting a high of 78*. Perfect!  There are a few birds singing in the background today.  There is also a bird snooping around.  I don’t know what it is but it is kind of sleek and has long bright yellow legs! Might have been a Heron.
Yesterday morning we started out towards Fort Howell keeping our eyes peeled for a breakfast place. 
Watch for turtles crossing the road!

Not to worry.  Some people prodded him out of the street and into the bushes.  We went to Stack’d Pancakes.  It was after 10 so that spells lunchtime for me.  I had a Patty Melt and he had a traditional breakfast combo.  Food was good, service was average.  We found our way to Fort Howell which didn’t have much fanfare, in fact we drove right past it.  We were the only ones there.  There isn’t much left of the old Fort.  We started walking down a trail and the trail disappeared but we weren’t far from the continuation so we forged through the debris.  Of course a twig popped up and cut my toe.  I stopped on the walking bridge to put on a dab of Magical Healing Salve (I always have a little pod of it in my bag of tricks).  Paul turned around and asked what I was doing.  I said “wiping the blood off my toe” “BLOOD?!?!”  I said “well, we walked through dead branches and twigs and mulch and poison ivy!”  He said “poison ivy? Don’t you think you’re getting a little carried away?”  Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration. There was no poison ivy but I could already feel the imaginary itch!  

Nice walking path

Historical Information

Photo op with a soldier! 
Fort Howell was an earthwork Fort built to protect Mitchelville and Hilton Head.  The Fort did not experience any military action and shut down at the end of the Civil War. 
~And that’s your History Lesson of the Day.
We left there and went to the Outlet Mall before heading to the Coastal Discovery Museum.  That was really nice. We walked through the museum.  I read an exhibit about alligators.  Paul thought the sign by our condo was just for amusement but it’s actually possible that there are alligators in there.  It said they were becoming extinct so they put them in lagoons  and other water ways where they would have a safe place to breed.  They bury their eggs and right before they hatch the babies start chirping so the Momma knows to come back and dig them up.  Then she carries them in her mouth. No wonder they have no fear! And that's your Wildlife Lesson of the Day! When we finished wondering through the museum we took the self-guided walking tour.  The scenery was beautiful and the trail was well marked.  
Butterfly Habitat in large screened in Ramada
Plaques of the Founding Fathers
Bridges to Lookout Points

I spy

Signs about plants and insects 
WHAT?!?!  IThoughtIWasOnlyKidding
A Cemetery
I was super thirsty and the only thing I didn’t see at the Coastal Discovery Museum were drinking fountains.  There was a large church group having an event at the pavilion.  Three young boys were walking towards us with small Dixie cups in their hands.  I told Paul I was  going to jump those boys for their Kool-Aid.  We completed the walking tour and went back to the condo where I immediately drank OJ and Ice Tea, then fixed a glass of Iced Coffee and we sat on the patio for a little while.  Then we changed clothes and went to the pool.  The outdoor pool is right behind our building. The indoor pool and Jacuzzi are in the Fitness Center in the building next door.  We went to the Jacuzzi for a while.  I talked to a really nice older couple from Delaware.  Then Paul swam some laps before heading back to change for dinner.  
We went to CQ’s at the Sea Pines Resort in Harbor Town. They charge $6.00 gate fee to enter Sea Pines.  Glenda directed us right to the restaurant.  Good thing because nothing at Sea Pines is well marked.  Maybe they should use the gate fee money for signage!  It’s labeled as an upscale seafood restaurant. The restaurant was very nice. The food and service, not so much.  Very disappointing.  We ordered the CQ Chowder which had lobster, crab and local catch (swordfish).  It was ‘different’.  Kind of a smoky flavor and not as thick as a regular chowder.  The server didn’t really know the menu items very well.  She told us the Soup of the Day was Tomato Bisque.  The sign board outside said Cauliflower Cheese Soup.  “Oh, that’s right, Cauliflower”.  I had read about their Lobster Pasta being one of their signature dishes.  I asked her what type of pasta was served with the Lobster Pasta because I didn't want spaghetti.  She said she’d go check.  She came back to see if we were ready to order.  I asked about the pasta again.  “Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot to ask.  I got carried away with a bar order.  I’ll be right back”.  Cappelletti.  Okay I’ll try it.  Paul ordered Duck.  My pasta was completely bland.  I asked for salt and pepper since there was none on the table. She asked me if I wanted her to take it back.  I should have but I said no.  She said sometimes a little salt will make the flavor pop.  It was a little better but still not as good as I had wanted it to be.  I picked out the lobster and ate that until I bit down on a piece of shell and that was the end of that.  I put the plate aside and the manager came over to see if I wanted something else.  I was over it by then and said no.  Paul said his Duck was good but not great.  We decided not to try dessert since we were already disappointed with the food there.  BTW, the manager took my pasta off the check so that was nice.
We left there and drove across the street to Harbor Town.  We would have walked but the restaurant parking lot was very small so we thought we'd be courteous and move the car.  We walked around there for a little while.  Shops and Restaurants.  The lighthouse has built to attract tourist.  It was never a real lighthouse.  Lighthouse Fact of the Day.  There is a restaurant at the bottom and a gift shop and observation deck at the top.

This might be my favorite picture
The restaurant at the bottom is the Quarter Deck which is where we had decided to take Diane Wednesday evening.  I didn’t know that’s where it was.  We went in and made a reservation.  Paul said he was glad we hadn’t gone to CQ with Diane.  She’ll only be here two nights so it would suck if we didn’t have a great dinner with her.  We stopped at Cinnamon Bear for an ice cream. 
Ice Cream Selfie
Strawberry Cheesecake on the left, Rum Black Cheery on the right.  It was delicious.  We ventured back to the condo.  I spent some time with Fred on the phone while he diagnosed why I didn’t have spell check on my tablet.  Mission accomplished.  Thank you my friend.  Its funny how we get so dependent on the computer tools we’re accustom to. 

We might go exploring the Island today.  I wanted to do the Zumba Class at the Fitness Center but it’s at 11.  Dunno. ETA - didn't happen.

Tuesday 5-17-16
This morning it looks a little gloomy but its warmer than it’s been. It says 71* with a high of 77*. We’ll see.

Yesterday we went to the French Bakery for breakfast.  I ordered a breakfast croissant and he ordered a crepe. The servings were ginormous. 
Asparagus Egg-Straveaganza
Normandy Crepe

Beautiful Display
I couldn’t even eat half of mine.  Somehow he managed to finish his.  After breakfast we mowsied around Shelter Cove.  Marina, shops and restaurants.  Typical beauty. 

Very cool functioning sundial

We left there and headed towards Bluffton.  We detoured through Pinckney Wildlife Preserve.

We continued on to Bluffton.  It’s a cute little town with a lot of Historic buildings.  We walked up and down the streets. 
Old House converted to retail business.

Heyward House Historic Center

Out back there were two restored buildings.

Slave's Cabin

Summer Kitchen

There is also the oldest oyster house where you are not allowed to take pictures of the women shucking oysters.  Boo.
Oyster Docks
This house that has been structurally stabilized was one of the first Freedman Houses.  Freedman as in freed men from slavery.  They are trying to raise funds to complete the restoration. 

I love the fireplace
Last stop in Bluffton was the oldest church in the area.
The Church of the Cross, built in 1854

When we got back to the condo we relaxed a little while before heading over to the Jacuzzi.  Paul swam laps while I read.  When we got back from the pool and we went back to my favorite spot on the patio for more reading until dinner time. 
We had dinner at Michael Anthony’s (Italian). We started off splitting a Cesaer Salad.  It wasn’t very good.   It wasn't bad, it was just meh.  We both though Ought Oh, not again.  The entrees redeemed the meal.  They were fantastic.  I had Filetto de Manzo. Gargonzona Encrusted Filet Mignon with Chianti Reduction Sauce. It was fantastic.  Super tender and very flavorful.  It was served on a bed of spinach and a swirl of mashed potatoes. I had one bite of each of those and then ate every morsel of meat!  
Paul had the special of the day.  Pork Chop Stuffed with Fontina Cheese and Spinach, Wrapped in Prosciutto and finished with a Shallot Cream Sauce.  He said it was really delicious. 
We skipped dessert. 
Back to the condo where we researched where to eat in Savannah after we pick up Diane.  We’re going to venture out to the Historic District.  He had some ice cream and patio time.  I went to bed. Do you see a pattern forming here?!

I’m looking forward to seeing my sis today.  I hope the weather stays as nice as its been. Actually in the 30 minutes I've been outside the weather here has brightened up. No more gloomy.   Its another beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Remind me to tell you about the drama with the neighbors across the lagoon! 

Wednesday 5-18-16

I was freaking out this morning because my tablet wouldn't turn on. ;`{
I couldn't call my hot line (Fred) because it was only 4 a.m. in Phoenix.
Light bulb moment about an hour later.  I got my phone asked Mr. Google.  Troubleshooting gurus said to hold the power button and the volume up and volume down button at the same time for 20 seconds. I only have one volume button but I tried it anyhow. Nothing.  Then BINGO.  It started to fire up. Yippee.  It took a while installing but I was happy to see the baby otter face (screen saver) pop up.  Yeah me.  

Yesterday the weather was not very cooperative.  Savannah is about an hour drive but we left an hour and a half early in case there was rush hour traffic.  It stated raining.  We made great time until we were 11 miles from the airport when the traffic came to a screeching halt.  We and waited and waited and waited.  It wasn’t even moving at all.  We sat parked on the freeway with 100s of other cars and trucks for more than an hour.  Finally I was able to pull up on my phone that there was an accident that had the freeway shut down and it had just opened.  A charter bus hit a semi.  Bus driver and an infant were taken to the hospital but everyone else was okay.  Finally we starting moving a smidgeon and then smooth sailing.  Diane and I had been texting so she knew what was going on.  Good thing we had left early so she only had to wait about a half hour.  It had rained most of the way in so I decided we should just go back to Hilton Head instead of exploring Savannah.  When we got to the airport the rain had stopped so we headed to 17Hundred90 to have lunch as planned.  It flat out poured right before we arrived and continued all through lunch.  Paul dropped us off at the door and went to park.  The restaurant was very nice and felt very Old Fashioned Savannah and the service was good.  My friend Anna and her husband Bernard had just been there two weeks prior for their honeymoon.  Anna had posted a picture of a Fried Green Tomato BLT that looked delicious so I decided to get that. 
Big on the lettuce, skimpy on the bacon, the FGT was the star of the show
Diane had a Crab Cake on Croissant with Fried Green Tomatoes and Paul ordered the Brisket on Ciabotta.   Everything was good.  The rain let up a little by the time we left but it was still too rainy to explore Savannah so we headed back to Hilton Head.  OMG the storm turned horrific.  It was raining so hard the windshield wipers couldn’t go fast enough.  We could barely see 20’ in front of us.  It seemed like forever to get back to the condo but it actually took an hour as Glenda had predicted.  It rained all afternoon.  I felt horrible because we’ve had such beautiful weather and Diane finally got here and we’re grounded.  It rained, it poured, it rained.  We watched the 6 o’clock news and they said the storm was not typical but moving on.  Hallelujah.  As soon as it let up a beautiful bird flew into our lagoon.  We watched it move down the side and then it flew across to our side. It was an Egart.

I went in the condo and grabbed a piece of croissant from my leftover breakfast yesterday and took it out to feed him. 
Shhhh, be verrrry, verrry quiet
He didn't eat the bread.  Maybe he's a bug man!  Then Diane and I ventured out in the drizzle to the grocery store but first we went to find the beach.  The check-in lady had told me it was an 8 minute walk to the end of the road and then you cut through the apartment complex.  Em, not really.  We saw the pathway at the apartment complex but it didn’t exactly take you to the beach.  We went to the grocery store and as we were leaving Diane asked the lady how to get to the beach.  She gave some sketchy directions and said there is no place to park down there..  We went back to where we had been and went to the left to see what we could find.  Low and behold there was a Holiday Inn with a driveway where we could see right out to the beach.  We pulled into their “no parking” area and I parked by a dumpster for a couple of minutes so she could to put her feet in the sand.

Oh*Happy*Day, we found the beach! 
As we were leaving we discovered a parking lot so we’ll go back tomorrow and park across the street.  The hotel has a bar right there on the beach so tomorrow it will be 5 o’clock somewhere. 
We had dinner at Alexander's and it was fantastic.  Beautiful ambiance, great service, excellent food.  Diane and I had one of their specials “Colossal Shrimp Grilled with Cajun Spice Served with Lobster Mac N Cheese. 
Paul had the Ginger Peach Mahi. 
 The shrimp had the perfect amount of spice to give it a kick but not overwhelming.  The Mac N Cheese was the perfect mixture of creamy goodness.  Paul said his Mahi was excellent.  Two Thumbs Up all the way around.

We got back to the condo and in typical fashion Paul had ice cream then he went to bed.  Diane and I stayed up a little while.

Today we're going to breakfast then to the beach and have a cocktail at the beach bar.  Later we'll venture out to where the lighthouse is and mowsie around there before dinner.
Weather says its going to be cloudy and 81* today.  We'll take it.

Thursday 5-19-16

Another beautiful morning on the patio.  The fountains are bubbling and the birds are singing morning praises.  The best part, no rain!  My phone weather widget kept saying it was going to rain today.  Now it says clear. 

Yesterday when I got up I was grateful when I looked outside and the weather looked decent.  We went to breakfast at Signe’s Bakery.  I had the Hot Chicken Jack.  It was oven baked chicken tenders with jack cheese on their house made sourdough.  It was good.  Diane had the Hot Buick which was like mine except no chicken and more cheese.

Paul had their “famous” Deep Dish French Toast *as seen on TV* “Rachael Ray’s Favorite.  It looked really good too.  
We went back to Shelter Cove, the shopping center with the sundial, but it wasn't sunny enough to see the shadow.  There are rocking chairs everywhere you go so Diane and I had a photo op at the marina.
Off our rockers
We left there and went to the secret beach parking lot.  A shuttle took us across the street but first gave us a little tour around the traffic circle.  There was a little shopping area with restaurants that we hadn’t discovered yet.  He dropped us off at the Holiday Inn beach entrance and we went to the Tiki Hut for a cocktail.  

We sat out for a while soaking in the ambiance before heading back to the condo.  We relaxed for a while.  
Turtles visiting our lagoon

We headed out to Sea Pines and went to the Salty Dog Café at South Beach Marina Village.  EVERYONE in town wears Salty Dog Shirts.  We had to check out the big attraction. 

Beautiful Birds
We went through some stores and then up to the t-shirt factory and made our contributions.  :wink: They donate money from sales to animal rescue.  We left there and tried to find the Plantation Ruins.  What a fiasco.  As I mentioned the other day the Sea Pines charges a gate fee to get in and I really think they should spend that money on signage! Or at least, detailed maps.  We got super lost and Paul was, lets just say, not happy about it.  The maps suck.  Glenda didn’t recognize the location.  We asked people and they didn’t know.  He decided he was GOING TO FIND THEM even he had a nervous breakdown in the process.  He found it.  On the map its called Plantation Ruins.  In real life it’s called the Stoney-Barnyard Ruins!  WTH? 

It is a hidden gem.  I think they want the tourist to frequent the shops and restaurants while trying to keep some privacy for the residents.  It is quite frustrating trying to find your way around.  We left there and went to Harbor Town.  Paul and I had been there a couple of nights ago and had made dinner reservations to take Diane there.  We walked around the stores and then we went into the Lighthouse.  Paid the Piper and headed up the 110 stairs to the top.  There are displays and plaques along the way.  There’s a gift shop at the top as well as an observation deck.  The views were amazing. 

 We lingered up there for awhile and then Diane and I headed down.  Paul stayed and soaked in more of the history while Diane and I sat on rockers and people watched.  We had dinner at Quaterdeck as planned.  Paul and I had the Stuffed Baked Lobster Tail, yummy.  Diane had Crabs Cakes which she enjoyed. 

 After dinner we went to Cinnamon Bear for ice cream instead of having dessert in the restaurant. I rate it the best ice cream on the Island.
Back to the resort and over to the office to print her boarding passes. :~{ 

Paul was on the patio enjoying his cigar and monopolizing my tablet so Diane and I left and drove down to check out the shopping/restaurants that we had seen earlier on our shuttle ride.  We found a restaurant Paul and I might check out later this week.  Back to the condo and just relaxed the rest of the evening.  

Sadly, today we take Diane back to the airport.  We'll probably go a little early and explore Savannah since it was stormy when we were there on Tuesday.  

*******Mid-Day Update***************************

Uggg.  Savannah.  Rainy-Rainy Savanna. I'm not a fan. ;~{
We headed out about 9:30 with lovely weather.  No threat of rain.  We went to Historic Savannah and stopped at the Visitor Center for a map and location of public parking.  We parked and headed down to Riverfront.  It was beautiful.
WWII Monument

We walked around the shops and kept our eyes peeled for someplace to eat since we hadn’t had breakfast.  We found the Harley store so Diane and Paul bought shirts.  Two stores down was a cigar shop that Paul wanted to check out.  There were a LOT of high school teens taking a tour so all the restaurants were busy.  We went back up to the historic district and decided to eat at Sorry Charlie’s.  The service was excellent, the food was average. We ordered Hush Puppies while we were deciding what to order.  Those were excellent. I ordered the Spring Salad with Beets and Goat Cheese.  Diane had a Chicken Salad and Paul had a Burger.  While we were waiting for our food our server brought us a bowl of Boiled Peanuts to try.  Meh.  Spicy and soggy shells, not my favorite.  My salad was good but didn’t knock my socks off. 

Boiled Peanuts, it's a Southern thing!

As soon as we got our food it started raining.  Ugg.  Yes I brought an umbrella.  It was so beautiful out when we parked that I left it in the car.  I was supper stressed out.  Diane kept saying “it’s just rain”.  I was upset because we still had three hours to spend in Savannah which we had planned to use exploring the area.  I felt bad that her three day getaway started and ended with rain.  She was fine. I was sad. I'm the ambaassador of everybody should be having a good time.She said she was.  I was so upset I barely ate any of my salad. We asked our server where we could buy umbrellas and the store was right across the street.  Diane and I got ponchos.  Paul wouldn’t wear one so I got him an umbrella.  Diane decided we should take her to the airport and she’d just wait and read and we should head back to Hilton Head in case the storm got worse.  We got her to the airport and I felt horrible leaving her there alone for so long (3 hours). She said she’d be fine.  I told her to text me when she gets on her flight, text me when she leaves Charlotte and text me when she arrives in Phoenix.  Yes, I’m a Nervous Nelly.  We headed out of the airport and it started to pour.  It was as bad as it was when we left Savannah Tuesday.  We could barely see in front of us.  I prayed the entire way back!  Diane called just as we were pulling in the parking lot of the condo to see if we made it back okay.  I told her I felt so bad about the rain but on the plus side she got to put her feet in the ocean, see a crab in the sand, a jellyfish on the beach, turtles, an egret and have a fantastic dinner while she was here.  She said it was a much needed break and if she would have known it was going to rain she would have come here anyhow.  Then she said “where are we going next year?”  LOL
So we got back to the condo where it was raining but not too bad.  Paul’s stomach is bothering him a little plus he ate a huge burger for lunch so he said he probably won’t want dinner until late.  Then he said “oh, you only had salad for lunch, you’re probably starving”.  No, not starving.  I’m  okay.  I went to go to the office and hit up their Keurig and back to  the condo to relax a while. 
Oh, there was a beautiful black bird sitting on my alligator sign when we got back.

When I got back with my coffee I went out side and mentioned the bird flew away.  Paul said no, it dove into the lagoon and swam underwater, with just its beak out.  No way!  I sent Diane a picture and told her it swam under water.  She said "oh sure, a bird that flies and swims under water, you need to eat!"   I asked Mr. Google and it was an Anhinga Anhinga, aka Snake Bird. the bird dives for food and swims underwater.  It was on the other side of the lagoon and I watched it for a couple of minutes and sure enough it dived/dove into the water and only it’s beak was visible. It stayed on the grassy area and a few minutes later it flew away.  Multi-tasker!  After the rain stopped Paul asked if I wanted to walk down to the Tiki Hut, he’d buy me a cocktail.  Sure.  We walked down (about 20 minutes) and sat at the bar.  I had a Mai Tai and he had a beer.  

Boys playing volleyball on the beach
It was windy but beautiful out.  We left there and walked down to the Vine.  That was the restaurant Diane and I found the day before.  We didn’t have a reservation and they were busy but luckily they had a table for us.  It’s a small restaurant with maybe 10 tables inside and 8-10 outside.  The service was great.  One of the fish options was fresh sea bass.  Sea bass always reminds me of my Dear ole Dad and when it’s fresh I usually order it.  It said “pan seared crispy sea bass with a corn meal crust and finished with a truffle and olive oil sauce”.  I told her I was allergic to truffle oil and asked if they would substitute another sauce.  She said they could sub a lemon beurre blanc or a pineapple/mango salsa.  I ordered it with the beurre blanc.  

Paul ordered mushroom soup and halibut.  The halibut was pan seared served on rice with bok choy and a slice of pineapple that had been soaked in Meyer’s Rum for two days.  Two days aye? I might have to try that at home! 

Now here’s the sign of an excellent server: when she brought his soup she told me “the soup has a little bit of truffle oil so I wanted to tell you in case you wanted to try a taste, you probably shouldn’t”.  I totally appreciated that.  I could smell the truffle oil but it was nice of her to mention it.  Paul said it was very good.  My fish was amazing!  It was served on crispy spinach.  On the side was pureed carrots with ginger topped with English peas.  There was also a baked half tomato topped with goat cheese and herbs.  Oh*Happy*Taste*Buds.  Everything was fantastic. Our server was Dolce. We skipped dessert, although I may have had a shot of limoncello!  
We walked back to the condo.  It was dark and scary! It was only scary because it was dark. No street lights. just lights from passing vehicles. It was still a nice walk though. It took about 25 minutes to get back.  

Friday 5-20-16

Our last full day of vacay.  I woke up this morning and it had been raining.  The weather widget said it was still raining but is predicting upper 70's and clear.  I don’t trust it anymore! After breakfast Paul wants to go to Beaufort.  It’s about an hour drive. It’s a National Historic Landmark.

*******Mid-Day Update***************************

I wasn’t hungry so we skipped breakfast and headed out to Beaufort.  
First stop: Visitor Center a map of the historic district.  The visitor Center was nice. It was built as an arsenal in 1798.
Cathedral Windows, possibly to fool the enemy ships into thinking it was a Church and avoid ambush.
The lady in the Visitor's Center was very helpful explaining the map.  There was also a very small museum upstairs.  The guy at the museum was very friendly.  We walked outside and it was raining!  WTH is with the ever changing weather in this town?  This time I was prepared.  I brought a rain poncho AND an umbrella.  I don’t dislike the rain as long as I’m expecting it and prepared.  We found a parking lot, paid the piper and headed down to the Marina. It sprinkled, it showered, it stopped, it sprinkled.  Mother Nature wasn't sure what she wanted to do.

We had lunch at Luther’s (recommended by the museum man).  It was good.  I had a burger and Paul had a beef dip.  We decided to take the horse drawn carriage tour.  We got there with two minutes to spare before the next tour. 
The guide was very informative and the area is beautiful.  He pointed out the house Sally Field rented during the filming of Forrest Gump.  
They say the tree branches come down and kiss the ground, then reach back for the sky.

This one made a perfect arch above the walkway.
 He also pointed out the house that Tom Hanks rented.  I almost felt like I was on a Hollywood Homes tour! We past a cemetery at a church.  He said during the Civil War it was converted to a hospital.  They used a lot of the headstones for operating tables.  After the war they put them back but history says they are not back in their original places.  The headstones are not necessarily marking the right bodies. although the bodies were never moved.  He told us a lot of interesting stories one the one hour tour.  When that was over we walked around a little then drove back to the cemetery at St. Helena's Church to walk around. 

Then we drove around the area again and came upon a very cool looking house. 
The Castle, built in 1860
I got out to take a picture and the plaque said “The Castle”  A couple came walking up and I thought maybe they lived there.  The man said “we’re just looking too”.  I said “it’s so beautiful”  I turned around and they were gone. Literally, it was two seconds.  They couldn’t have even walked to the corner of the property by then. Vanished.   Hmmm, Where did they go?  We were curious about the Castle so I punched in the address. 411 Craven.    Mr. Google says it’s haunted! 
Back on the road and it started to rain again.  We headed back to Hilton Head.
I went to the office and printed our boarding passes.

We’re enjoying a lazy late afternoon.  

Saturday 5-21-16

The last morning on my patio.  The weather is perfect this morning  70* with a slight breeze and very peaceful. 

Last night we decided to skip dinner.  Originally thought we’d go around 8 but 8 came along and neither one of us were hungry. We still had snacks. I had to take my meds so I had a muffin from our shopping on Day 1.  12 seconds in the microwave and it was as good as new.  That’s a scary thought! 

My tablet decided it wanted to spend an hour this morning installing updates.  I was glad I did a  mid-day update yesterday or I probably wouldn’t have had time until we get home. 
I’m packed and he’s packing.  We haven’t decided if well eat in Hilton Head before heading to Savannah or wait until we get there.  I told him I’m done with Savannah.  Every time we go to Savanna we decide where to eat and it starts to pour.  I’d rather eat here and go to the airport early.  OTOH there is so much more to explore in Savannah.  Dunno. 

I’ll recap the day when we get home.  

Sunday 5-22-16

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday we packed and headed to Savannah.  There is a Harley Dealership there that Paul wanted to check out.  When we had dinner at Alexander’s there were a couple of old Harleys on display.  Our server said the owner of the restaurants owns the dealership in Savannah.  Paul was hoping there would be some older bikes on display.  There were not.  There was this oldie but goodie but everything else was new or slightly used.
We were trying to find a place to eat.  When I Goggled “restaurants near me” it said Denny’s, Perkins, Cracker Barrel.  When I’m on vacation I have a rule: No eating in restaurants that I could eat in at home.  I’d rather try a local. I Googled “breakfast near Savannah Airport”.  There were a couple of chains, then The Omelette Café.  One review said “skip IHOP and eat local”.  Bingo.  Glenda guided us there.  Paul had a breakfast combo and I had Fried Shrimp.  The shrimp was excellent. 
And tomorrow, let the diet games begin!  When we finished we headed to the airport, returned the car, checked our luggage and headed to the gate.  Our flight to Charlotte was right on time.  We had almost two hours in Charlotte and then our flight left 30 minutes late.  There was a heightened security alert.  The CSR said our plane had just come in from an international flight so it had to get a security sweep and clearance before we could board.  It was a long flight to Phoenix.  They made up a little time but we were still a little late.  People were scrabbling to get off the plane to catch connecting flights.  We got to baggage claim and waited and waited and waited until luggage finally started coming down.  Diane and Jay picked us up and we headed home. 

All in all it was a great vacation.  It was too bad it rained/stormed two out of the three days my sister was there.  We still did a lot and got plenty of R&R. 
The condo was nice.  Not the nicest place we’ve ever stayed, not the worst.  The condo was small but had everything we needed.  Sorry, forgot to take pictures before we scattered our stuff!  

View from the entry door (standing in the Kitchen)
View of the Kitchen (standing in the Living Room)
Master Bedroom  
Master Bedroom
Typical Bathroom (nothing special)
Guest Bedroom
The property is well maintained.  The staff was very nice and helpful if I had questions.  The location on the property couldn’t have been better. I really enjoyed the patio on the lagoon and all the wildlife activity around the water.  I would probably stay there again but there are other places to explore before going back to Hilton Head. 
Most of the food was good.  The best two were Alexander’s and Vine. Both equally as good in ambiance, food and service.  Michael Anthony’s get’s a honorable mention.  The Caesar wasn’t good but my filet and Paul’s stuffed pork chop were excellent.  Service was good.  They get points off for the Caesar because the server said they know it’s nothing special, in fact they are going to change it on their summer menu.  If they know it’s nothing special they should take it off the menu (IMO). Really, Caesar Salad is NOT that difficult to make.  

We’ve been told that in about two weeks the heat and humidity will be miserable until the end of summer.  I guess we picked a good time of year to visit the South, in spite of the “fluke” storms. And seriously, I would give Savannah another chance.  There is so much to do there and we didn't get the opportunity to even scratch the surface.  

Thanks for following along.  
Next stop ~  Budapest!  River Cruise on the Danube in December.
I'm so excited I already started a blog: The Road to Budapest

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